The demise of daily newspapers makes me very sad, but perhaps the Weekly News in print will be the ‘keeper of the flame’!  As the dailies become thinner and thinner I see the weeklies becoming more robust, filled with not only local items but touching on the national as well.  With an important election waiting in the wings the weeklies may be the stage to watch.  

Voting is personal and intimate.  It’s good to be able to hold opinions in your hand, to compare them again and again.  Electronic news may be the way we’re going, but the whole idea of it is to read quickly and move on to something else.  To this Seasoned Citizen it somehow doesn’t seem as real as words printed on a page of paper.  An early morning cup of coffee or tea and reading the newspaper is not apocryphal, it’s absolutely authentic.  We lean back, sip our first cup of morning brew, and leisurely read our newspaper.  No buttons to push, no dials to switch, no keys to punch…just pick it up and enjoy.

Even writing letters has become a long lost art.  I understand many schools do not even teach cursive writing any more, just keyboard typing instead.  I’m sorry, but saying “I love you” on a computer is just printing out letters.   Writing “I love you” by hand conveys warmth and deep feeling.  It’s one heart speaking to another, not texted or typed on email.  

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When I read a book I become one with the story.  As I turn the pages I join in the life and characters conceived by the author.  The book itself becomes an extension of my hand…it becomes part of me.  I read one book at a time, giving it my full attention.  Many people I know who read on electronic devices divide their attention between two or three or even four stories, diluting them and seemingly giving each one less importance.  This, of course, goes along with doing everything as fast as possible.  Perhaps that is the only way in our electronic age because there is so much more to learn and a day is still only 24 hours!  Also, not printing newspapers and books may be seen as preserving energy, but how about all that electricity being used?

 Remember, paper can be recycled and used over and over and over.

Here’s to our Weekly Newspapers! Keep on filling the void!

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