When Mr. Astorino was elected he promised to bring common sense reforms to Westchester and protect taxpayers. He has done just that in holding the line on tax increases. He has also worked in a bipartisan fashion to pass a county budget that is realistic and fair to county residents.

Rob has also fought against HUD’s overreach and abuse of power in telling us to change our zoning laws to meet their federal “low income” housing standards. In typical federal government fashion they have sued us and leveled threats at us. Rob has held the line and stood on principle not what was politically expedient, nor did he take the path of least resistance.

In the view of many Somers and Westchester residents, that is the very definition of honor. Standing up for what is right and holding your ground even in the face of enormous pressure.

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If he decides to oppose a candidate who is viewed as untrustworthy by a majority of Americans, so be it. Politics as usually cannot go on as the fate our nation hangs in the balance. The Donald Trump phenomenon was created by Democrats and Republicans who have been dishonest with the American people and they have had enough. Rob is just echoing that sentiment and taking a stand.

That to me is “honorable.”