I love the Christmas, solstice, New Year’s season. Whether it is celebrated for religious reasons or “return of the sun” solstice reasons makes no difference. It’s a joyous holiday.

In ancient times, people noticed that around Dec. 25, the days were lengthening, bringing back the light. So they lit candles and decorated the only trees that sported green “leaves,” the firs, to thank whatever powers were in charge of relighting the world.

If we observe the season to commemorate the birth of Jesus, we are still celebrating the bringing of light and forgiveness to a less-than-perfect world. Either way, we win!

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My favorite remembrance of Christmas when our kids were small was creating an edible tree. We’d gather in the living room and listen to Christmas carols while we strung popcorn to make garlands and hung fresh-baked cookies instead of shiny baubles along with lots and lots of candy canes.

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