If it is true that good things come to those who wait, Geraldine Brown Giomblanco has been rewarded for a lifetime of patience in holding out for the right partner.

In her recently published book, Giomblanco chronicles the trials and tribulations that finally brought her to Mark, the “man of her dreams,” and into a relationship when she was 49 years old. The journey was marked by several mysterious and otherworldly signs that seem to have led them to each other. 

“Geraldina & the Compass Rose” follows the author through her successful career as a retail and marketing professional, having held top positions at shopping centers including Faneuil Hall in Boston, Westchester’s Ridge Hill and General Growth Properties, among others. Along the way, the graduate of Somers High School had an assortment of romantic relationships and even matched up a number of friends who eventually got married. When it came to her own situation, Giomblanco said she relied on her strong religious faith and steadfast resolve—and refused to settle down with someone who did not feel right. 

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“At age 49, I was thinking that God has got a plan, but I’m not quite sure what that is; maybe I need to resign from the fact that I’m going to get married and should really find a way to be peaceful as a single woman,” Giomblanco said. 

She was attuned to signs, however, that the universe had something else planned for her. There is a description in the book of a chance meeting at an airport, many years earlier, where she had a long conversation with a man while they both waited for a delayed flight. He gave her sage advice about listening to messages in her life and told her to keep feeling the spirit of her dearly departed grandmother Rosaria, who would continue to guide her.

It was much later, after having left her high-powered job and being introduced to Mark by a family friend, that she realized her life had utterly changed and that she had found true love. 

“We had a magical and miraculous weekend in Montauk when we first met and even as adults, we got butterflies,” she said. She said they instantly connected: “It was a beautiful thing that happened and I really felt that I was being guided by the divine—I knew that I was all in.”

As the relationship progressed, the couple was casually shopping one day and decided to peruse engagement rings at a local department store. Giomblanco experienced what she believed was evidence of her beloved grandma’s presence and was perhaps a sign from high above. 

“I tried on a ring and had a Cinderella moment: It fit perfectly. I looked at the name card of the saleswoman who had an Italian accent and was chatting with me about getting married: It read Rosaria Gentile,” she said. It was the same name of Giomblanco’s grandmother, a coincidence that moved her to tears and made her recall the man in the airport. Mark and Geraldine Giomblanco were married a year to the day after they met. 

Now an author, speaker and a certified life and wellness coach, Giomblanco, along with her husband (who is an experienced boat captain), run Geraldina Charters LLC, a business through which they offer their boat for outings and events. 

Her hope is to uplift and inspire readers while spreading a simple message of empowerment: Those who are looking for love must hang on to faith, in whatever tradition they follow, and never give up. 

“Trying to find love can chip away at your ego and chip away at who you are,” Giomblanco said. “You have to find that place of your own personal truth and surrender the ego and the other stuff; people need to be clear on what it is that they want.” Having adhered to her own advice, the author maintains that the hope she maintained ultimately paid off.

“For me, it was to be loved the way I was willing to love— and that a marriage to me, through the grace of God, is permanent and forever.”