After my hacking/scam experience a few weeks ago, I am more suspicious of calls from unknown telephone numbers, locations, e.g. Montana, Kansas and the like.  I can block calls on my landline and that is what I’ve been doing.

One evening last week, my cell phone rang and son Matt’s name appeared on my screen.  

“Hi, honey, how are you doing?”

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“This is not Matt; I found his phone on the street.”

My antennae went up: Is this one of those calls where they tell you that your relative is in jail and you need to send money?

“What street did you find the phone?”

“On NW 18th street in Florida.” That is Matt’s street.

“What is your name?”

“My name is Ian and this is my phone number.”

“Thank you, I’ll look into this” and I ended the call.

Fairly sure that they had other ways to contact Matt, I then sent texts to my daughter-in-law, Helen, and to my grandson, Matt, Jr.  And then I waited. And waited.

About 30 minutes later, I received a text from Matt:  “If you received a weird phone call from someone who claims he found my phone, it’s okay.  I got the phone back.”

I was so relieved and also a bit shaken.  I didn’t realize how much my past experience had affected me.  I could have been wiped out, credit cards run to the max, and so on.  I was lucky but now, as mentioned before, I am very suspicious.  

The next day I got the full story from Matt:  He and some friends had played golf.  When they were leaving the course, he inadvertently left his phone on the trunk of his car.  It stayed there for 1.5 miles before it slid off on to the street where it was found by Ian.  Matt must have been following the speed limits and not making any race-car turns!

Matt said Ian was “cool.”  The son had suggested finding “Mom”on the contact list.    He said everyone has “Mom’s” number in their phone.  Smart kid!

Thanks to an honest dad and his smart son, this story had a happy ending.  But there are too many of us out there that know that’s not always the case.  Be wise, smart and alert; get help if you suspect something is not on the up and up.