SOMERS, N.Y. - Tri-State Environmental is continuing the work of cleaning up an oil spill from a residential tank on Granite Springs Road that was compromised last week, sending hundreds of gallons of oil into nearby sewers and streams.

Though the spill originated from a leak in a home heating oil tank on Granite Springs Road, residents on Anita Road are still dealing with the fallout.

David Sullivan, who has a creek in his backyard on Anita Road, said the water has a rainbow sheen on top and the ground is soaked with oil, making it appear red. 

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As of The Somers Record press deadline, Tuesday, Aug. 14, Sullivan said Tri-State Environmental was still coming to his home every morning to change out the booms.

Sullivan said his kids can’t play outside and he became sick after attempting to mow his lawn this week.

“The smell is overwhelming,” Sullivan said. “It smells like diesel fuel.”

On Facebook, Somers residents wondered about the impact on their wells after the oil spill. The Somers Volunteer Fire Department, which initially responded to the leak and helped stop the oil from reaching the nearby Amawalk Reservoir, referred all questions to the state Department of Environmental Conservation. The DEC is the agency employing cleanup company Tri-State Environmental, which is a private contractor.

The DEC has been vague in providing details of the spill and its effects. The amount of oil leaked from the tank is believed to be between 250 and 1,000 gallons, but the DEC has not yet provided an exact amount.

The DEC said the oil went into catch basins and nearby streams, but has maintained that no oil reached the Amawalk Reservoir. Last week, the DEC said Tri-State pumped out the remaining oil in the tank and flushed the drains.

The DEC declined to answer questions as to the safety of the wells in the area or about soil contamination. 
Wendy Rosenbach, a spokeswoman from the DEC, told residents with concerns to call the DEC’s spill line at 845-256-3157.