To the editor,

The individual mandate for Obamacare is very similar to the individual mandate for Medicare.

There has been a lot of political discussion recently about efforts to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

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I’m confused about all the fuss with regard to removing the individual mandate. This is the requirement that all Americans over 18 must have health care or face a penalty.

Medicare has a similar individual mandate and no one seems to be fussing about that. Both Obamacare and Medicare use the funds from people who might not (at this time) need much of what either of the programs provides.

Medicare requires that all Americans must take and pay for the program. This is too similar to mandating that each of us must start taking, and paying for, Obamacare to create so much furor.

Those funds contribute toward the long-term survival of both programs. We all have to recognize the precarious financial situation that both individual-purchase health care and Medicare are in.

Maintaining the individual mandate for both Medicare and whatever new health care plans are proposed might be a step toward finding a way to provide a long-term solution to funding and maintaining both programs.