Hope everyone is well. I’ve been on a Field Trip Tear recently (in a safe manner of course). Please reach out of you’d like to tag along on an outing.

Field Trip: Glenmere Brewery Company

On a recent lovely afternoon, I enlisted a few compatriots of varying professions for a countryside excursion to Glenmere Brewing Company in Florida, NY.

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What do you get when you mix a Lawyer, Professor, and Angler?  An eclectic crew with the common bond of enjoying quality craft beer!

Similar to Rushing Duck in nearby Chester, Glenmere is built into a former garage and named after the lake from which the brewing water comes from. I can tell you I like what’s in the water.  

We parked ourselves at a picnic table and went to work with beer flight samplers of their tap selections.
Stand outs for the group included:

Summer Haze, Wheat, ABV 6.4%: A classic German style that I noticed a nice lemon flavor as well, refreshing.

Howlin’ Rusty, Maibock, 6.7% abv: Maibocks are typically “malt forward” (e.g. more sweetish and less hoppy/bitter)

Dragon Fly, NEIPA, 6.6% abv: haze for daze with a bit of a sharp finish

Lucid Dragon: Our crew quite enjoyed this 7.4% West Coast IPA. West Coast typically indicates the type of hop that brings a “piney” taste.

Honestly, after having a travel radius of about 2 miles for the past few months, it was exhilarating just to take a 45-mile drive through the countryside and small towns in NY.  

Visit: glenmerebrewingco.com

Field Trip: Sing Sing Kill Brewery

On yet another fine day.. a close Friend-Fireman-Teacher-and-Proponent-of-All-Things-Greek and I decided to visit Sing Sing Kill Brewery. Those from this area may know the infamy of Sing Sing as it has been around since 1826 operating as it still does today as a maximum security facility in Ossining on the Hudson river.  Hence the term “up the river.” In actuality, Sing Sing Kill refers to a series of tributaries (streams and rivers) that feed the Hudson River.

Sing Sing Kill Brewery has been in operation for about two years and has been on my list of places to visit.

This place is cool and funky even during these pandemic-dampered times and I’d bet that’s exponential in “regular” times. Well spaced tables inside with good tunes in the background.  Both very nice owners (one is the brewer) were there that day and kind enough to stop by and chat. I asked the process of brewing sours, which Sing Sing Kill offers a terrific one in its Summer Shudder Shower. In a nutshell, brewing a sour involves adding Brettanomyces (wild yeast) or actual bacteria in the form of Lactobacillus and Pediococcus into your beer during the fermentation process in addition to regular yeast your recipe calls for.

The byproducts of these organisms during fermentation include a massive array of fruit flavors as well as Lactic acid that provides a clean sharp acidity.

Here are the beers we enjoyed:

Kääsh Kölsch 5.4% -Nice, pleasingly sweetish despite the typical dry finish of this style.

Summer Shudder Sour 4.8%, - pucker factor low, mellow, delish, and sessionable.  All NY ingredients.

Cascade Smash 6.2% - Mild hoppy with pine & citrus notes.  Note: if you are not an overly hoppy person but you see something on the beer menu made with Cascade hops, give that one a whirl as it’s known for its mellow-not-overly-bitterness.

Killer Cream Ale 4.9% Crisp, creamy mouth feel, just a hint of hops.  I’m a fan of a creamy texture to beer and those that have been paying attention can trace this back to the Genesee Cream Ale that I was weaned on in Western New York. When I

HomeBrew I use oats in all my brews as it’s a fatty grain and produces the creaminess. The Sing Sing Brewer shared that he uses corn flakes and I can tell you it worked very well in the Killer Cream Ale. We collectively liked this one so much we got refills.

Food-wise they have some artisanal snacks available and an extensive list of local eateries that deliver. 

Sing Sing Kill altruistically reserves some tap space for guest breweries to show their liquid wares – exemplifying the spirit of “We’re all in this together,” a sentiment that I think serves us all well in these times. 

Sing Sing Kill is now also open for outdoor dining.  I recommend you check them out: singsingkillbrewery.com.

Reader Reviews 

A local raconteur and lager aficionado writes: Schilling The Grafton Metro Lager, 4.5%, nice, palatable lager with little bite.  Not as rich as a Helles. A little thinner mouth feel.  I really like that brewery.

Buffalo Brian writes: Perhaps a symbol of the Buffalo beer scene the appropriately named Resurgence Brewing, resurgencebrewing.com, has quickly become a must have in our house with a solid lineup of IPA’s for all beer lovers including: Citmo, is a New England style IPA, 6.5%  that has a citrusy aroma with a hint of pine and a nice finish; The Surge, another NEIPA, cousin to Citmo but with added juiciness and hoppiness also 6.5%; Cosmic Truth Session IPA, 4.2%, crisp like a Kolsch style but with a refreshing tropical fruit flavor combined with the subtle bitterness of Mosaic hops.

They’ve also added a light-hearted social distancing series: Home Made Haircuts, 6.5% NEIPA Hazy with a nice crisp citrus finish and Dude, Your Camera Is Still On, Buffalo Style IPA. Smooth, hazy and tasty!

Resurgence delivers their products within NY via the HopMule app.

Visit: resurgencebrewing.com.

Note: KBM is IN for a roadtrip, as Resurgence Brewery says “Experience Great Beer In The City Of Good Neighbors.”
What are you drinking that you can recommend?

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