OK Governor Cuomo… I recently wrote an entire column of how you were wrongly accused of being a bigot. Even though we disagree  on many political issues, I know you are an even handed man and are doing your best to serve New York. Well, right now I need a favor, not because I went to bat for you but because you are the only one to whom I can appeal. 

Let there be light! Please consider making daylight saving time year-round. The winter is so long and dark and dreary and longer sunlit days would make all of us weather it better. The gloominess of short days and long nights crosses all age lines. Seasoned citizens, many of whom live alone, would be uplifted by a bit more daylight; children would feel their playtime lengthened; working men and women would not get that ‘letdown’ feeling and stop working and start yawning at 4:30 in the darkening afternoon. 

Light is exhilarating; dark is gloom; light enhances our desire and ability to accomplish; dark puts us to sleep. 

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It’s amazing what just sixty minutes more of sunlight can do: stave off winter depression (for at least an hour) in seasoned citizens; give children the happiness of more playtime; encourage most of us to be awake and creating. 

We dance in the light but hide in the dark. Even the Moon, borrowing light from the Sun, cheers us. We are creatures of the day and crave more of it to sustain us. 

Interestingly, I suffer from something called ‘light sensitivity’. This means I must always wear sunglasses outdoors and even in department stores and supermarkets where the light is too strong. Even so, I prefer daylight to darkness. 
I have never understood why, when someone dies, we pull down the shades and darken the room. Shouldn’t we raise the window covers and let in the light to celebrate that this person once lived? The circle of life having been completed, why hide it? 

So, Mr. Cuomo, back to my request. Won’t you please make New York a daylight state? You might even be able to garner a few extra votes from people like me!

Contact Adrienne: ergosum@comcast.net