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First Woman on the Beat With Somers Police Department

Kim Maguire shows family unity. Credits: Kim Maguire
Kim Maguire Credits: Kim Maguire

SOMERS, N.Y.-Ask Somers’ first-ever policewoman why she chose that line of work and Kim Maguire will tell you, “I like to help people.”

Talk to Maguire for any length of time and you’ll hear those words a lot. That desire to help others should make the retired NYPD supervisor a perfect fit for a key part of her new job with the Somers Police Department.

“She is going to head up the domestic violence section of our force,” Supervisor Rick Morrissey said. “We set up that five-town, domestic violence walk-in center,” he said, a reference to Somers’ partnering last fall with North Salem, Lewisboro, Pound Ridge and Bedford in a state pilot project to serve battered spouses. “She’s going to be the liaison” and will work with victims of domestic violence.

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“I’ve been through this,” said the mother of two, whose court papers chronicle her 1995 divorce and depict a protracted custody dispute and descriptions of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her ex-husband.

“I’ve been through the courts so much in Westchester County,” Maguire said. “I know what these women will face.”

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