I have never shopped at a Walmart store and I know nothing about them except for a commercial that recently caught my eye.
Unlike the ad for Ikea, where a shopper believes she has gotten away without paying, Walmart’s commercial had the shoppers questioning the salesperson to make sure she charged them enough for their purchases.  Instead of encouraging deceit, this commercial enhances the goodness of people and pure honesty.  Hail Walmart!

Living gets more complicated every day.  Children cannot read analog clocks, but they’re wizards on a computer.  It seems we are finding more and more ways to further ourselves from each other.  We shorten words to anagrams and text instead of speaking.  We see riots and wars on little screens held in our hands and become inured to anger and violence.  We watch politicians debate each other and tell outlandish lies and believe that is the way life is to be lived.  We sit at a table with others, but keep an eye on our phones or watches incase of messages coming in.  Our attention is splayed; we must be in two places at one time.  

That’s why Walmart’s commercial is a breath of fresh air.  It depicts humans as humane and caring and not rash and grasping.  Our children tend to emulate what they see and when they encounter positive behavior, it’s a good lesson.  In the Walmart ad each family member questions whether their purchase has been counted.  It brings us back to a time when people cared about each other and understood that the clerk would be responsible for any shortages shown.

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I read an article recently where the “experts” do not feel we can blame violent computer games on the rise in school shootings and street violence.  Perhaps they’re right.  It’s not the games, it’s the actual happenings that are being emulated.  
We definitely learn from what we see. So, instead of tuning in the nightly news, let’s watch the Walmart commercial instead!

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