I recently heard that New York State wants to eliminate bail for so called “low crimes.” Bail, as I understand it, is a concrete promise to come back and face one’s accusers; a way to keep track of people suspected of wrong doing.  True, one is innocent until proven guilty, but isn’t bail a way of insuring he/she is available for the hearing?  Prison reform is vital, as is new thinking about bail.

 Because many who are suspected of committing a crime are indigent and cannot afford to post bail, how about establishing a sliding scale, adjusting the percentage to the ability of what the incarcerated person can pay.  Letting people go on their own recognizance  defeats the purpose of court trials.  As an American citizen and a New York State resident I have a right to express my opinion, so I just did.  ‘Nuff said on that subject.

Closer to my heart is another legal issue I just heard about.  The federal government has decided to increase Medicare premiums for retired Seasoned Citizens, which makes the cost of living increase almost laughable.  

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Raising Medicare costs is a way of penalizing people for living longer lives.  Politicians pander to those whose votes they might count on and forget the elderly, who actually vote more diligently but won’t be around as long as other groups, so they can be written off politically.  

Most European and eastern countries revere their Seasoned Citizens.  Some even have mobile homes that can be attached to a son or daughter’s dwelling so the aging parents can be independent while still having help nearby.

We, in the United States, prefer to warehouse our elders; put them in care of paid workers and pat ourselves on our backs for doing the right thing.  

A democratic republic is an amalgam of capitalism with some socialism thrown in.  We make laws not only to protect our citizens, but to aid them as well.  We must guard our freedoms by making sure every idea suggested will benefit our lives and not jeopardize or diminish them.

The majority of Seasoned Citizens have worked long and hard and deserve to be supported and not penalized.

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