I absolutely must share this special and humorous story with you.

My childhood friend, Irene, recently celebrated her 80th birthday. Her family made it an occasion for the books.

Irene’s sons, Ken and Rick and their families, live in New Hampshire. My bold and daring friend drove from Connecticut for her birthday weekend. First on the agenda was a catered dinner for 11 hosted by her grandson, John, at his apartment. Sons and wives, grandkids and significant others filled the apartment with family love and togetherness, not to mention the tantalizing smells of good food!

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The next chapter in this birthday book was front-row seats to “Changes in Latitudes,” a tribute to Jimmy Buffett, at the local Palace Theater. Two other couples, strangers, filled out the rest of the row. Irene said that they were friendly and some conversation followed in which she mentioned to one of the women that it was her birthday and she was celebrating with her family.

As the woman’s husband sat down next to Irene, he whispered, “I hear it’s your birthday.”

“Yes, it is, and it’s the big 8-0!”

With that, the gentleman leaned over and kissed Irene on the cheek, wishing her a happy birthday!

“Granny!  Do you know that man?” This challenging question came from 27-year-old grandson John. 

“No, I don’t know the gentleman. However, his wife told him it was my birthday and he kindly gave me a birthday kiss.”

“But you let him kiss you!” Even Irene’s daughters-in-law kind of raised their eyebrows!

“John, love at my age, I’ll take whatever I can get,” laughed my funny friend.

“OK, Granny, no more wine for you!”

Irene and I had a good laugh over this story. She added that some in the audience formed a conga line and she was definitely a participant. Irene has an effervescence about her which is “catching.” It certainly shows that we grandparents still have a little pizzazz and a sense of humor. Does that shock our grandkids? Probably. Enjoy us, kids, we are a vanishing breed!

The days when Irene and I wore our mothers’ hats and pushed our doll carriages up the street are long gone. How blessed we are to still be in touch and share our family stories. A happy, healthy birthday to you, my friend! May that little devil be with you always!