I’m reading a book by J. K. Rowling, “The Casual Vacancy,” written after she was accepted as a phenomenal writer. I had resisted “Harry Potter” for years, but when I finally succumbed I not only read all seven books, I still listen to them on audio-books…over and over and over.  Jim Dale won a Grammy for his magnificent portrayal of each character maintaining their separate personalities through all seven volumes, a truly Herculean feat.

Rowling has a way with words that reach from the youngest in our society to Seasoned Citizens like myself.  I smile every time I think of all the publishers who turned her down…they are surely kicking themselves from here to Hades!  I have no sympathy for them because whenever I glance at one of her “Potter” stories I see something new and profound.  Any publisher without the foresight or perspicacity to understand how Harry Potter would bloom and become not only a fun children’s story but also complete adult fare, deserves the loss.

Joanne Rowling (J.K.’s first name is Joanne) cannot only manipulate words but create them as well.  Her knowledge of The Bible, mythology, and the human heart is outstanding and she makes eloquent use of them all.

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Writers have many hurdles to overcome and the initial one is always themselves.  Most first copies get so blackened with crossings out and erasures they’re usually thrown away.  When the writer is finally satisfied they must be willing to face rejection after rejection and don’t always find someone to believe in them.  J.K. Rowling, to our great fortune did and Harry Potter will live forever!  

Don’t be fooled by the movie representations.  As movies go they’re fine, but they haven’t the time to reproduce and present all of the intricate characters.  To really know Harry Potter you must read or listen to the books.  You will then see how they morph from a fairy tale into a morality tale; from a simple children’s story to a lesson on how life is to be lived and valued; of how, when people care about each other, good will always triumph.  
Through Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling shows us how tenacity, loyalty and friendship can defeat evil; how believing in yourself can boost your courage; how love and respect for others is the strongest magic in the world.  

Harry’s mentor is Albus Dumbledore, a Seasoned Citizen and omniscient head master.  Dumbledore’s accumulated knowledge and experience makes him the perfect role model.  He inspires Harry, who has no understanding of his own talents and abilities, to become a man who can face anything life has in store for him.

As Harry grows, the reader grows guided by the creative genius of Joanne Rowling and the music of her words.

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