POUND RIDGE, N.Y. - Northern Westchester is home to many part-time residents who spend most of the week in their primary residence, often in New York City.
Making sure that their homes are safe and free of any problems or disturbances in their absence can be a challenge.

But thanks to Ken Gilman Home Management, that is no longer a concern. Gilman, who lives in Pound Ridge, has been managing the smooth operation of people’s homes for 12 years, and he’s owned his own business dedicated solely to home management for eight years.

“My business started as an adjunct to a home improvement company I owned in the Bedford-Katonah-Pound Ridge area,” Gilman said. “[Clients] would ask if I knew anyone who could look after their house when they were not there.”

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Gilman began performing that service as a side job and then, about eight years ago, he left the home improvement business and made home management his calling.
“It’s all I do now,” he said. “There are other [companies] that do it, but they typically have something else they do as well. It’s like a sideline for them. For me, this is my business; this is all I do.”

As part of his service, Gilman makes regularly scheduled visits to his clients’ homes.

“They want someone to look after the house when they are not there,” he said. “I visit the homes, usually during the week, to make sure things are the way they should be.”  

If his clients need something taken care of at their home, Gilman will facilitate it—whether it is something that happens unexpectedly, such as pipes freezing, a leak or a broken window, or even the completion of a planned renovation.

“If my clients need things taken care of, I make arrangements directly with the service provider, so they are not bothered waiting around for the plumber or electrician or repair person,” Gilman said. “I take care of that. I am on call for them.”

Gilman has been doing the job long enough that he has become well acquainted with reputable and qualified service providers and contractors.
“I have a list of people whom I can refer,” he said.

To get on his list, the service provider must have a proven track record of reliability and customer satisfaction.

“I don’t get a kickback or a piece of the action for recommending them,” he said. “I recommend them because they are good at what they do.”

Gilman will recommend people with good reputations, ranging from landscaping to snow removal to painting.

“Sometimes [the clients] don’t know who to call,” Gilman said. “And these service providers I recommend want to do a superlative job because they want to stay on my list. They know it’s an important connection.”

Gilman said all his clients’ homes are equipped with alarm systems and not just burglar alarms. They have alert systems that will notify authorities if there is a fire, a problem with the temperature in the home, even a water issue.

“Should [an alarm] go off for whatever reason, after the authorities are contacted, I am the first call the alarm company makes [on behalf of the client],” he said. “I am the eyes, ears, and boots on the ground. Calling someone in New York City to tell them that something just happened in their house does no good other than frightening or inconveniencing them. Once the problem is resolved, then I contact the homeowner. I consider it my job to make their lives easier and more worry-free. Why get them involved until there is a happy ending? If there is a reason for their input, I will request it. But that’s rare.”

Gilman said that the recent spate of nor’easters that wreaked havoc on the region is a good example of how valuable his service can be.

“I am happy to say that all my clients quickly knew the status of their homes,” he said. “I went out. I was there and got back to them to tell them that their residences were fine. Maybe some trees were down. I took pictures. In a few instances, they asked me to get in touch with a tree service.”

Since he started the business, Gilman’s reputation as a professional has grown and his reviews have been stellar.

“I am proud to say that I have never lost a client except in the circumstance when they have sold their house to someone who now resides in it full time,” he said.
To speak to Ken Gilman and learn more, call 914-815-2798.