SOMERS, N.Y. - Lead testing at Somers middle and high school water outlets is complete, and the school district says it has installed filters on outlets that have higher lead presence than the acceptable levels.

After testing, 8 of 104 water outlets (7.7 percent) in Somers High School, and 4 of 50 water outlets (8 percent) at Somers Middle School were above 15 parts per billion, the threshold set by New York State in its Sept. 6 legislation, which required all school districts in the state to test for contamination. Of the 12 that failed, three were water fountains, according to results posted on the school district’s website. Non-drinking areas, such as sinks and hose bibbs, were also tested.

State regulations require that “first-draw” samples are taken from the water outlets after sitting in the pipes between eight and 13 hours. Then, a second sample is taken after the water has been flushed. Results of the testing were due for elementary schools by Sept. 30 and for middle and high schools by Oct. 31.

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“In some instances, water outlets registered above the allowable limit of 15 parts per billion,” wrote Robert Klick, the district’s supervisor of buildings and grounds, operations, and maintenance. “These water outlets were disabled, and remediation efforts such as installing carbon filters or installing a new water fountain took place.”

Klick said the water outlets will remained disabled while the district awaits results of the re-testing.

For comparison, in the Lakeland Central School District, 50 of 178 water outlets (28 percent) at Copper Beech Middle School, and 67 of 230 water outlets (29 percent) at Lakeland High School were above 15 parts per billion.

In the Yorktown Central School District, 93 of 212 water outlets at Mildred E. Strang Middle School (44 percent), and 46 of 201 at Yorktown High School (23 percent) were above 15 parts per billion.

Earlier this year, Somers completed testing at all elementary schools. Of the 183 outlets tested, seven (4 percent) were above the allowable limits: three at Primrose Elementary School and four at Somers Intermediate School.