A very close and dear friend has been going through the “Perils of Pauline” lately—a major move, family illness, overwhelming daily responsibilities—you name it! I gently reminded her that she and her family were on my prayer list, have been for years and always will be.

“I know that and it is so comforting. By the way, could you ask Him to kind of push things along faster? Hey, why don’t you write a column about your prayer list?”

This is not a “preachy” column; I’ll share with you a part of my life that gives me great comfort and apparently does the same for my family.

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“Thanks for your prayers, Mom; I know things will get better.”

I’ve also acknowledged many “thank yous” from my Christian and Jewish friends who’ve responded: “Keep those prayers coming, Ruthie!” We’ve agreed that when we feel helpless and in need, all prayers are appreciated and appropriate!

I spend at least a half hour before bedtime with Him. I say my usual prayers and then I get down to business. I kid you not: Whoever is on my list is specifically named: As of last night, there are 45 family and friends. If one or more has a complicated problem or even a medical issue (I’m in this category more often than not), I’ll even have a discussion with Him—what have I to lose?  

There is another aspect to individually naming the folks on my list: I’m testing my brain, my own personal mental test. So far, I’ve had a passing grade—haven’t forgotten one soul! In fact, I added three more special people just last night. During these holy days of Passover and Easter, remember that you, too, are part of my prayer list. I don’t know your individual names, but how does “faithful readers” sound?

“You’ll always be there at the end of my prayer.”

May He bless you, give you good health and keep you safe.

P.S. Would anyone like a box of Peeps? Any color/shape? I thought not! My sons still think they’re only useful for caulking windows!

Ruthann can be reached at grandmopps@aol.com.