My friend Harry, who lives in Florida, has done it again.  He keeps Pyewacket and Stanley supplied with enough treats to last at least a year!  

Harry and Roz always had dogs, but through me Harry has become a cat person.  Not only does he send snacks, he has beguiled them with more toys than most cats see in 9 lifetimes!  

I love to watch as they survey each toy container, choose the ones they want, and carry them off.  Although they’ve learned to take the toys out, I can’t seem to impress upon them the necessity to put them back, so every night I walk from room to room retrieving the toys and returning them to their proper boxes.  

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Stanley and Pyewacket are my constant and beloved companions and I often wonder how people get along without animals to love.  I have found cats to be as loyal and as compassionate as dogs.  They seem to sense when I’m sad or upset and try their best to console me.  

I wish Harry lived closer.  As we age our circle of friends seems to grow thinner and farther apart.  It’s hard to find an old buddy, a contemporary, to remember our younger selves.  Harry can’t travel from Florida and my friend Marcia, in Mount Vernon, is close enough to talk to but not close enough to visit.  

Harry and Marcia are two of the last people who knew me when…when life was just starting for us and the future was far, far away; when forevermore was forevermore and not ‘shorter than before’.  We have kindred memories, shared experiences, and validation of lives well lived.

January is a very important month for Seasoned Citizens.  It is named for the Roman god Janus, who looks both backward and forward at the same time, as do we.  We can see how our past influenced our future; how decisions made then foretold the lives we now live; how everything we do is a link in the chain we call life.

I like looking back.  I remember being cherished by a husband I adored; I remember each of our three children entering our lives and becoming a family; I remember the laughter and the tears, the joys and the sadness, and see how each experience brought me to where I am today.

I also enjoy looking forward, watching the creation of new families, I being the past and they the future; seeing our children, their children, and their children’s children growing from the foundation Jason and I built for them and built for all of us by countless prior generations.

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