It’s because of people like Peter Milohnic that Somers is a little brighter—especially during the holidays.

The town simply could “not get by without its volunteers,” said Supervisor Rick Morrissey before the town formally recognized Milohnic’s numerous contributions at the Town Board’s first meeting of the new year.

A member of the local Lions Club, Milohnic and his wife, Maryann, have lived in Somers for 51 years. They have two children and three grandchildren.

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As the the owner P.M. Pole Line Inc., an Amawalk-based contracting business, and Milohnic and fellow volunteers have decorated the town Christmas tree and installed holiday banners along local roads to “warmly welcome visitors and residents,” the proclamation read, during the holiday season.

Before they had bucket trucks, the agile elves actually had to shinny up the tree’s limbs to string its lights.

None of these folks were spring chickens either. All ex-Con Ed workers, lack of fear of heights was one of their skill sets.

Apparently it’s also in the DNA of Milohnic’s son, Peter.

A 1986 graduate of Somers High School, he went to the Air Force Academy, became a fighter pilot and, eventually, a full-bird colonel.

Like most folks who selflessly give of themselves, Milohnic is unwilling take all the credit.

He asked the Town Board if it could also send a letter to Mahopac Falls firefighter Stanley Zalesney, one of the people, he said, without whom his good works would not be possible.

Morrissey proclaimed Friday, Jan. 4, Peter Milohnic Jr. Day.

Maryann joined her hubby for a photograph with Morrissey and the Town Council as the audience gave the couple a standing ovation.

“It was awesome,” she said of the spontaneous show of support.

Meanwhile, the best part remains the Milohnic’ ability to make Somers “a little more festive.”

Milohnic said it’s been both a pleasure and an honor to do what he did.

Calling the Lions “the greatest club in the world,” he added that there is no better place “in the world to live in” than Somers.

Expressing hope that he can continue to contribute to the community, Milohnic told the board: “I don’t want to retire completely.”

“And we won’t let you,” several board members warmly responded.

Morrissey also thanked the Lions Club itself, saying it has “given a lot back to this community.”

And “it is very, very, very much appreciated.”

Residents honored
Also acknowledged on Jan. 3 was Jan Corning, who recently resigned from the town Planning Board. She had served there since 2015.
Corning gave up her post because she and her family were moving upstate.
“The town is a much better place because of her efforts on that board,” Morrissey said.
The Town Board also acknowledged the contributions of Jason Crawford, who resigned in December as a member of the Somers Energy Environment Committee (SEEC). He, like Corning, is moving out of the community.
The all-volunteer group has been credited with Somers’ being designated a “Climate Smart Community” and its receiving one of Westchester County’s first-ever Eco Awards. It was chartered by the town in 2008.