Just a few weeks ago, I wrote about vacations as a child on Cape Cod.  Last week-
end I returned to the Cape, not as a child, but as an older and hopefully more appreciative visitor.

I traveled with son and daughter-in-law, Paul and JulieAnne, and JulieAnne’s mom, Arline, heading to their home, Swan View, in Orleans. We had made this trip a couple of years ago around the same time and I have now christened this weekend as “The Moms’ Weekend” for the future. We arrived late Friday evening, unpacked and fell into bed—Saturday was going to be a busy day.

After a light breakfast on a dull Saturday morning, JulieAnne, Arline and I headed out for galleries, farmers’ markets and other Cape Cod attractions—iffy weather didn’t stop us!  The farmers’ market was unique. There were the usual tables loaded with fresh vegetables, honey, freshly baked goods and flavored coffees. What made this venue so unique? There were several tiny, rustic one-room cottages, each painted in a soft pastel color. In these dear little cottages, artists displayed their works:  oil paintings hung on the walls in one; pillows and quilts were draped over old-fashioned wood chairs in another and exquisite pottery was artfully displayed on tables and shelves in a third. Of course, I didn’t leave empty-handed: I purchased a beautiful hand-made pillow that was perfect for my bedroom.

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We stopped at Cooke’s and brought home their famous lobster rolls to enjoy with Paul, who had been working on one of his “projects.” As I bit into my roll, there could never be any doubt it was a lobster roll: chunks of lobster and just a little mayo on a perfectly toasted New England bun. Oh, my, there was little conversation as we indulged ourselves.

The sun came out early Saturday afternoon as we left the house to continue shopping. Stopped at Snow’s Home and Garden—bought two Christmas pillows. What’s with this pillow thing? Arline did the same—guess it is catching!

We also made a stop at By-the-Bay Artful Inspirations and bought a few gifts. We drove to Wellfleet and stood on line at PB Boulangerie Bistro—the aromas coming from the bakery were so very tempting—to buy their freshly baked breads: bacon/cheese, cranberry/nut, bleu cheese, etc. The breads were light and soft on the inside and sinfully crusty outside. Will definitely re-visit next year! We did make one quick stop at the beach where JulieAnne walked through the sand for the last time this year—she’s our beach gal!

There are restaurants and small food stands galore. We had dinner at The Lobster Claw, yummy ice cream at the Ice Cream Cafe and a delicious Sunday brunch with Arline’s cousin and family at the Hearth and Kettle on our way back to New York.

It rained off and on as we headed home. The car was certainly packed to the hilt—thankfully pillows can be pushed and squished to fit! We agreed that whether visiting or living on Cape Cod, it was a different way of life:  a slower pace surrounded by rustic homes and small shops; welcoming and friendly people and a certain air of peace and tranquility—you can feel it.

Arline and I are looking forward to next year’s “Moms’ Weekend.”  No more pillows, though!