To the editor,

Father Time has again visited Earth and left behind a Baby New Year 2018 in our care. And so Somers Supervisor Rick Morrissey and County Executive George Latimer were sworn in for new terms, business models were reviewed for 2018 strategies and ordinary Somers residents may have to decide whether this is the year to replace the roof or buy a new car. A Baby New Year requires many decisions by us all.

But how do we make wise decisions?

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Well, all good decisions need a large dose of wisdom. Wisdom has its roots in history and the news. History is a combination of our past experience with that of others, news is the daily presentation of current events, facts and future plans reporting them exactly as they occurred.

Wise folks consciously or unconsciously consider both history and news when making decisions. Their roof is 30 years old, it leaks and some shingles are missing (history). A new roof will cost about $12,000 depending on the type of shingles. How can they pay for it? When should they install it? Can they afford it? (News). Will get a new roof with economy shingles in May 2018. (Decision).

Supervisor Morrissey and County Executive Latimer should employ the same formula. Somers has wonderful historical places and open space. Angle Fly Preserve, Muscoot Farm, Lasdon Park and Arboretum, Reis Park, the Wright-Reis Homestead, Mt. Zion Church, Bailey Park, the Stuart Farm, the Elephant Hotel, and many homes going back to the early 19th century are some of the places that set Somers apart. Past efforts have conserved all of this and maintained open space. (History) Many progressives feel that Somers does not meet the needs of everyone in Westchester County. More affordable housing is needed for example regardless of local zoning.  “Development” of the Somers Hamlet and Baldwin Place is the way to go, according to some. (News). Final resolutions pending. (Decision)

Sadly, Baby New Year 2018 has serious problems. Many people base their decisions solely on emotions and “feel good.” Consequently, these decisions may be unwise and can be destructive to the future of our way of life.

On Dec. 31, 2018, Father Time will return with the Grim Reaper and ask us, “How did you do?”