This past week I had follow-up visits for three medical issues:  erythrocytosis (red blood count), A1C for diabetes and further discussion about my having a breast MRI.

Good news on the first count:  my red blood count was down and therefore I wouldn’t have to undergo a phlebotomy.  My oncologist’s PA was very pleased and so was I.  She then brought up the MRI subject.  Since I will see the oncologist in September, he has requested that I have the MRI so he can review the results with me at that time.  Because my breast tissue is dense and my mammogram can’t “see” beyond the density, the MRI will indicate if there is an abnormality in the tissue.  The tissue density can present an increased risk of breast cancer.  My past experience in 2014 before the lumpectomy was not very pleasant:  I was so uncomfortable lying face down with my arms stretched over my head; moving through the “donut” was very difficult and I finally demanded:  “Please bring me back out.  We’re done here.  I cannot and will not do this!”

The PA has referred me to another location for the MRI.  Apparently the machine there is larger and I would be more comfortable; she also suggested I take a valium to “take the edge off.”  However and whatever, I will make an appointment—hopefuly and prayerfully, no “surprises” will be detected.

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My appointment with the endocronologist was a real eye opener.  I knew my A1C had been on the high side, but after the last blood count, I was convinced it was coming down.  Not so, according to my doctor.  It was high, and the readings she had from the last six months were off the charts.  I shared with her that I had never experienced such high numbers when I tested myself.  She then suggested that my meter might be malfunctioning and prescribed a new one.  Also, my medications were adjusted; I was “thisclose” to going on insulin.

A very special thanks to the folks at Somers Pharmacy, especially to Laura who contacted my insurance provider, walked me through setting up the new meter and answered my questions.  

I now have my “marching orders” and discipline is playing a huge part in getting me back on track.  I have tons of support from family and friends, but the main character in this new role is me.  I’m on my way!