Hey Brigadiers, we can relax a bit: I’ve completed some tests for the various medical issues that are chasing me, and results will be studied and recommendations made after the first of the year.  Oh, and a new “wrinkle” has barged onto the medical landscape: my calcium level has always been up and down, even leading to the removal of a parathyroid gland in the past. The level is high and once again, surgery to remove another parathyroid gland is being considered. But we’ll get to that next year!

Greeting the new year has been quite diversified for me. When I was single, a crowd of us would go to a nice restaurant, spend way too much money on terrible food and even worse service. But we were young, so we danced and laughed all night and were boisterous in bringing in the new year—one year, on leave from the Marine Corps, Art and I were a part of that exuberant time. Who knew what was on tap for us later!

In later years as our families grew, we would get together for house parties. We were a happy, hopeful group wishing each other more happiness and success for the new year. Everyone brought a dish to share, we had tasty libations and we had music; our boys joined cheering in the new year and then it was up to bed. They loved when the party was at our home: lots of good leftovers to snack on during the football games the next day. But first, our neighbors were treated to Bud’s famous New Year’s Day brunch: herbed scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, muffins and his crispy home fries. Bud was as protective of this recipe as he was of his mouth-watering potato salad recipe.

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On our very first New Year’s Eve as husband and wife, Art and I made a video. We reminisced about the road we traveled to finally be together and our hopes and dreams for the new year and our life going forward. However, there was no video for the second year: This was the year that brought my first bout with breast cancer and the first of many surgeries for Art; we prayed our health would be better, that we could get on with the life we couldn’t quite grasp. With that being said, I am so very thankful and grateful for the years we did share.

Who knows what’s in store for 2017? I sure don’t. I will always pray for peace and unity in our country, the world; that we try to understand and accept each other and that we are willing to listen and be patient.

On a more personal level from me to you: May the new year bring you and those you love more love, blessings, happiness and good health.

Ruthann can be reached at grandmopps@aol.com.