Photos: Somers High School Graduation


SOMERS, N.Y. - The Somers High School Class of 2017 graduated Wednesday, June 21, at Primrose Elementary School. The evening was filled with speeches and musical performances, and, of course, capped off with the awarding of degrees:

‘My fondest times are not tied to high marks on tests or essays, but to standing ovations in the auditorium, after-school talks with janitors, early morning treks across the parking lots, and stories told in hallways crammed down to three minutes or less.’
–Lily Rezai

‘That’s an amazing thing about life: despite your plans and expectations, you never know exactly what is going to happen. As far as I know, tomorrow the sun will swallow up the Earth, and whelp, there go any of our plans! Or maybe tomorrow, I’ll win the lottery, and suddenly have money up to my eyeballs. That’ll change my plans for sure. Two words: private plane.’
–Mark Worsley

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Looking back on kindergarten, it’s so amazing how each and every one of us has matured and developed over the years into the amazing young men and women we are today. Some of us have achieved greatness in sports, while others have had great success in rigorous honors and AP courses. All of our differences and talents have made us the family we are today.
–Chris Ruggiero
Class President

Somers High School Class of 2017

  • Jason Alejandro Acevedo
  • Vincent J. Acocella
  • Michael Acosta
  • Joshua Adams
  • Jacob Lee Adler
  • Maureen Albero
  • Joseph Christopher Alfonzetti
  • Abigail L. Angelini
  • Christopher Antolino
  • Megan Emily Ashikari
  • Steven Aubry
  • Daniel Joseph Bacal
  • Samantha A. Badia
  • Jackson R. Bambach
  • Sophie Barbagallo
  • Alexa Barlow
  • Jordan Barrett
  • Lucy Ann Barry
  • Mackenzie Barry
  • Carley Olivia Bauckham
  • Christopher Benzenberg
  • Emeline Berthelon
  • Ryan Thomas Bierman
  • Brendan Paul Blanch
  • Thomas Bonner
  • Ronan A. Brady
  • Emilia Budzikowski
  • Luke Joseph Bugoni
  • Austin Steven Butera
  • Marisa Rose Camardella
  • Anna Angelina Campanelli
  • Kathryn Campbell
  • Nicole A. Carrieri
  • Nicholas Carvalho
  • Christopher Salvatore Cassara
  • Carlie Cegielski
  • Emma Chan
  • Lauren Alyssa Chiriboga
  • Ryan Ciliberti
  • Daniel Clark
  • Javaughn Javier Clarke
  • Joseph Thomas Clement
  • Michael Orbe Cliff
  • Allison Rose Colavito
  • Lauren Elizabeth Colavito
  • Abigail L. Collura
  • Kaleigh Comparetto
  • Kaitlin Coogan
  • Jaimee Cooper
  • Melissa Nicole Corcione
  • Jake A. Cordes
  • Jack Corigliano
  • Christopher James Couture
  • Melina Sophia Couzis
  • Kayla Creegan
  • Michelle Galibert Croen
  • Alexandra Rose Curnyn
  • Julie Anne Curran
  • Rocco Pietro D’Ascanio
  • Eric Dammeyer
  • Grace Dashnaw
  • Logan Francis Davis
  • Gabriella Maria Delaney
  • Anthony DeMilto
  • Andre Francesco Denaro
  • Emily Rose Denler
  • Alexandra W. Diamond
  • John Diana
  • William M. DiBenedetto
  • Micayla J. DiBiccari
  • John Ross Dietrich
  • Dana Marie DiMaio
  • Peter DiPalma
  • Julia Catherine DiRubbo
  • Michael Donohue
  • Ian Dorbu
  • Matthew J. Driscoll
  • Nielsen S. Dry
  • Alexander Joseph Elconin
  • Skylar Elise Erenberg
  • Danielle Marie Ericson
  • Faith Anne Ferguson
  • Elena Nicole Ferrante
  • Nicole M. Ferrara
  • Meara Ferrauiola
  • Nico John Ferro
  • Kevin Austin Fields
  • Eric Fiocco
  • Sophia Fiorino
  • Ian Alexander Fisher
  • Joseph Alan Flake
  • Natalie Flood
  • Bridget Foley
  • Michael Formisano
  • Ryan Fucci
  • Alana Rose Gagliardi
  • Michael John Garrity
  • Nicole Rose Gaudio
  • Max Geller
  • Alina Genovese
  • Anthony Kristjan Genualdo
  • Mia R. Germaine
  • Kristen Giacobbe
  • Lauren Giacobbe
  • Nova Gianfrancesco
  • Kelly Ann Gilmartin
  • Victoria Rose Giorgio
  • Sarah Rose Goldberg
  • Michael V. Gordon
  • Marc Gerard Gorman
  • Peter Gottesman
  • Jake Graham
  • Melissa Viviana Gross
  • Margaret Sabrina Groton
  • Erin Guarnera
  • Sara Haber
  • Sean Ryan Haederle
  • Erik John Hagenah
  • Richard W. Haigh, III
  • James Hammond
  • Thomas James Hannon
  • Elizabeth Haracz
  • Dervish Hasani
  • Bruno A. Gonzalez Hauger
  • Sydney Heanue
  • Matthew Shaw Heyert
  • Julia Hill
  • Michael Anthony Hirsch
  • Jessica Ho
  • Alexa Nicole Hoffman
  • Messiah Horne
  • Kelsey Elizabeth Hough
  • Michael Iaropoli
  • Nicole Iorizzo
  • Alexa Johnson
  • Tyler Johnson
  • Courtney Jorde
  • Carson Kapica
  • Kimberly Miriam Katz
  • Jonathan Thomas Kaufman
  • Jane Bentley Kaufman
  • Gracie Kennedy
  • Alana Rose Kent
  • John A. Kessler, II
  • Evan Kieltyka
  • Granit Krasniqi
  • Kenneth Michael Kurtz, III
  • Julianna M. LaBarbara
  • Eitan Laredo
  • Joseph Patrick Lazzara
  • Susie Lee
  • Marina Leggio
  • Anthony Giusto Lombardi
  • Vincenzo LoMedico
  • Alexandra Lord
  • Andrew Joseph Lowman
  • Caitlyn Lucadamo
  • Kimberly Lucadamo
  • Joseph A. Luciano
  • Olivia Grace Luposello
  • Rose Marie Ann Luzon
  • Danielle Maccariello
  • Kyle MacDonald
  • Emma MacNeil
  • Marc Maestri
  • Jack Maher
  • Ryan Andrew Maloney
  • Melissa Rose Manzella
  • Matthew Ryan Mariani
  • Pearse Fitzpatrick Martin
  • Michelle Martone
  • Mike Matute-Sagbay
  • Jared Mazzola
  • Shayla McJunkin
  • Keith McLarnon
  • Katie Rose Melly
  • Rachel Sydney Mendelson
  • Jenna Menta
  • Gianna Messina
  • Michael Eric Mier
  • Jason Mirtsopoulos
  • Julia Mohl
  • MaryKate Mollaghan
  • Justin Monaco
  • Jeffrey Monaco
  • Jessica Monaco
  • Brittney Paige Morel
  • Jennifer Morello
  • Megan Morgante
  • Alyssa Rose Morvillo
  • Tess Alexandria Mowrey
  • Sean Daniel Mullaly
  • Mary Katherine Murphy
  • Kelsey Alexa Maria Murray
  • Joseph Napolitano
  • Cassie Narciso
  • Hannah Marie Nemeth
  • Arianna Alexa Nikac
  • Alexandra Nikolopoulos
  • Robert N. Noonan
  • Hannah Beth Norowitz
  • Maeve Emer O’Brien
  • Alexa Olinto
  • Laura Oliverio
  • Anastacia Ostapovich
  • Ciara M. Ostrander
  • Vincent Pagliaro
  • Haley Anne Paiva
  • Michael Panzarino
  • Nico Papalia
  • Olivia Parillo
  • Thomas Pasyanos
  • Shannon Peleg
  • Brianna Penzo
  • Liam A. Petri
  • Teresa Piccolo
  • Matthew Pires
  • Olivia Marion Pirrotti
  • Andrea Polvere
  • Maxwell Pugni
  • Zachary Edison Raffo
  • Kiritin Rai Ramnarace
  • Laura Rannekleiv
  • Christopher A. Reginella
  • Kylie Repp
  • Alianna Marie Reyes
  • Nathan Reynolds
  • Lily Aryana Rezai
  • Stephanie Righetti
  • Jenna Marie Rinaldi
  • Amy Monica Rios
  • Kimberly Robeson
  • Jarred Matthew Rodriguez
  • Graham Roediger
  • Michelle Rosenblum
  • Olivia Rosenzweig
  • Christopher Joseph Ruggiero
  • Jonathan Thomas Rukaj
  • Michelle Rush
  • Christine Russo
  • Erika Sanders
  • Cross Anthony Santaniello
  • Jordan Lyn Schmitt
  • Julia Palmer Sciacca
  • Frank G. Scoca
  • Christian Matthew Scogna
  • Alexandra Semenza
  • Hannah Sgaglio
  • Grace Camille Sibilia
  • Gregory Jay Siemers
  • Lauren Elyse Simons
  • Colin W. Smith
  • Adamaris Soto
  • Shannon Catherine Spor
  • Christopher Stellwagen
  • Kathryn Stone
  • Kyle Sullivan
  • Eamon Joseph Sweeney
  • Timothy Sweeney
  • Emily Maria Szpynda
  • Adriana Melanie Szpynda
  • Christian Michael Tapia
  • Rose Thomalen
  • Kody Tirpak
  • Hannah Rose Tiso
  • Thomas Jonathan Tooma
  • Lucas Michael Totoro
  • Brianna Townsend
  • Dionna Tuccillo
  • Taylor Turchick
  • Christopher Unrath
  • George Varcasia
  • Nicholas Vece
  • Ana Victoria Luna Velasquez
  • Daniel Michael Venditto
  • Lena Olivia Verard
  • Michael Vlasaty
  • Morgan Nicole Vogel
  • Ilexis Rose Vogel
  • Paige Wagner
  • Brian Walter
  • Maya Watt
  • Kiara White
  • Garrett Wilson
  • Emma W. Wilson
  • Mark Worsley
  • Emily Zhang

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