Pipeline expansion needs to be stopped

To the editor,

Three emails into the week brought news of the long-anticipated meeting over the Algonquin Pipeline which was held at the Somers Intermediate School on Route 202 in December.

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The committee worked on the arrangements and the audience that assembled numbered between 55 and 60. All were eager to hear the guest speaker Dr. Courtney Williams, a molecular biologist and cancer researcher, present her case against the pipeline’s trashing of our environment and the dangerous chemicals that would affect our lives from the youngest to the oldest by poisoning the air and soil.

The pipeline is already here. It runs under the Hudson River, alongside the Indian Point Nuclear Plant, and right through Heritage Hills. Often the land is usurped through eminent domain.The company, Spectra/Enbridge, is insisting on replacing the current pipes with much larger pipes and pigging stations, for which they are using inferior quality piping and outside workers from the other side of our country, not county. Locals are not used as the labor force, hence, there are no benefits. They continue to obscure information from the public.

Our wooded, bucolic environment will be stripped and left scarred. The inferior piping from China has leaked elsewhere and will more than likely leak and leak again here.  Another scar on the breast of Mother Earth. We will be confronted with the debris and monster vehicles outside of our front and back doors. The noise of the construction will terrorize the creatures great and small in our neighborhood. The pigging operation constantly emits sounds and gasses. There will be no escaping the ills that this type of installation will bring no matter where your home is in Heritage Hills.

The company is required to have testing done in order to be held accountable. So, they are self-testing and assessing.

Our political leaders who were lined up against this, have fallen like dominoes in capitulation to the demands of Spectra/Enbridge’s Atlantic Bridge project.  Gov. Cuomo who fought against fracking in New York State has allowed the company’s pipeline which will transport fracked fuel to come across our lands. This less than clean fuel is destined for Europe so we lose out on that as well. 

A free and open meeting was held on Monday, Dec. 11, at the North Salem Middle/High School Auditorium. The speakers were Dr. David Brown, Dr. Celie Lewis, and Dr. Sujit Joginpally from the Souhwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project.


Francis SchultzbergSomers