I am a Seasoned Citizen and I am pissed!! We are being penalized because we prefer to read newspapers rather than look at computer-generated news.  

I love The Somers Record and read it avidly every week. I also receive daily newspapers to keep up with world breaking news and local daily news from Westchester and Putnam counties. Television news shows seem to me more like entertainment and photo ops. I also enjoy doing daily crossword puzzles and word games, filling them in with an eraser-tipped pencil, to hopefully keep my frontal lobes from atrophying.  

I received a letter today from my local daily paper informing me of a $14 monthly increase for seven days of delivery. For someone living on a fixed income, $168 a year is quite a jump, so I called its customer service department to inquire whether anything could be done to reduce the increase.  

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Get this: If I chose to have Monday through Saturday or Monday through Friday, it would cost only $20 per month. I couldn’t figure out why five days and six days would be the same price and neither could the representative or even his supervisor...which means if I want to receive the Sunday edition, it would cost me $36 MORE a month. Ridiculous!! 

Now wait till you hear their reasoning when I asked if there might be a discount for Seasoned Citizens–it’s because of us that they have to raise their fees. WE are the people who want to hold a paper in our hands and, therefore, must pay for the privilege.

Believe it or not, I have never before inquired about a Seasoned Citizen discount anywhere, but $14 more a month really seems excessive. I can, of course, cancel the paper, but that’s like cutting off my nose to spite my face. What I’m so angry about is we are being penalized and forced monetarily to relinquish another of our enjoyments in order to fit in and become technically correct. We are, in essence, being penalized for LIVING TOO LONG.

How about people, and there are still quite a few, who don’t have computers? Must they, because of limited income, be ill-informed because they cannot afford to enter the computer age? Newspapers can be read in libraries, but you have to go every day and they usually have only one copy of each. What if you’re bedridden or can’t afford a car or bus fare? Are we heading toward a society where those over a certain age should be systematically eliminated if they don’t fit into the accepted “norm?”

It’s not that Seasoned Citizens expect special privileges, but we do feel our needs are as great as anyone else’s and should be taken into consideration. I fervently hope that books and newspapers as we have known them will never disappear because they are not only familiar but are satisfying in a pleasingly tacticle way as well. Once again, we are throwing out the baby with the bathwater.