“In Scrabble, a crossword game, players form interlocking words crossword fashion on the board using letter tiles of different values.”  When one hasn’t played the game in years, this is a monumental re-learning experience.

Heritage Hills Library to the rescue!  For Heritage Hills residents and their guests, an afternoon of Scrabble is held each Thursday at the Library from 1:00 to 3:00.  This was just what I needed!

With some trepidation, I  went with friend, Susan.  She assured me that the afternoon would not be a “cut throat” experience.  It would be relaxing with  pleasant players and I could play at my own pace.  Yikes, when I heard some of the scores:  “that’s 25 including the triple letter square; or “that score counts for  two words making it 32.”  I looked at my rack and saw 7 tiles that added up to 7 points—not going to hit the big time with that poor total!  The Scrabble Dictionary was in constant use and when I used it the first time, I thought I was learning a new language.  Wherever did these words come from:  listicle, embosk, maglis; I was familiar with emoji, bitcoin—not as far under a rock as I had expected!     When I returned home that afternoon, I went online and ordered my own copy of The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary.  

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Playing Scrabble in the Library is a therapeutic experience:  the sun shines through the windows making the room warm and cozy; books on all subjects are displayed which to me is the best environment for relaxation; have a cup of coffee; a pleasant conversation even though you are getting your hindquarters kicked is a guarantee; I’ve never felt “under the gun”.  

On Thursday afternoons, I can play Scrabble—I’m learning to study the board more carefully, take a chance on new moves, etc. each time I play; after the game, I can browse through the books, maybe finding one that is just right for me.  I have a Kindle but I still love the comfort of holding a book and turning its pages. It is kind of a culture shock leaving the calmness of the Library to return to the  traffic and outside action.  However, I can look forward to the next Scrabble game and meet and greet the other fun and helpful players:  Susan, Evey, Meg, Barbara (2), Carol, Gilda, and any “drop in’s.”

Thank you Heritage Hills Library for a bit of peace and tranquility and a chance to rise above being a Scrabble “newbie.”