SOMERS, N.Y. - The artwork of Mitos Galeano, a seventh grader at Somers Middle School, will be on display at the Somers Library through the end of May.

Many of Mitos' pieces are depictions of characters from popular animated and science fiction movies, such as "The Lion King," "The Incredibles," "Big Hero 6," "Up" and "The Lord of the Rings." Mitos draws inspiration from these films, but he interprets the characters in unique ways.

"Even though he's copying it from movies, he draws it his way," said Fernando Galeano, Mitos' father.

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There are also originals, including drawings of landscapes, zombies and cyclops. Many of the drawings are in black in white, though Fernando said art teachers have recently been pushing Mitos to use more color.

Mitos is a prolific artist, with his drawings and paintings, dating back to when he was 5 years old, filling up several walls in the library.

"This is his thing," said Maria Galeano, his mother. "It's how he expresses himself. He loves to draw."

The family was encouraged to contact the library by Mitos' teacher, Katy Faivre.

"We've seen that every month the library exhibits an artist of the month and we reached out and told them we had several pieces," Maria said. "They allowed us to put this up, and it's been great, because people can see what he's done."

Fernando said his son is a perfectionist. If a single mistake is made, Mitos will throw out the entire drawing rather than erase the mistake.

"He could be at the end of the drawing and he messes up the last line, he throws it out and starts over again," Fernando said.

Mitos also lends his painting skills to the middle school's drama department, having painted the backdrops for plays like "Aladdin" and "Shrek."

The paintings will be on display at the library until May 31. The library is located at 82 Primrose St. (Route 139)