SOMERS, N.Y.-The finalists in the 2018 International GENIUS Olympiad in Oswego have been announced. Six students from Somers High School were selected to present their research at the week-long competition in June. Katherine Taylor, Rachel Joseph, Luke Khorram, Chelsea Brown, Aliza Hackmyer and Emma Jones will travel to the fair to compete against 729 students from 70 countries and 34 states.

GENIUS Olympiad promotes a global understanding of environmental issues and the achievement of sustainability through basic science, arts, creative writing, engineering, design, and business development. GENIUS Olympiad provides challenges and opportunities for secondary school students, to instil in them the skills and knowledge needed to be the citizens, leaders, scientists, artists, writers, engineers and policy makers of the future—agents who will promote and contribute to greater environmental sustainability throughout their lives. GENIUS is an acronym for Global Environmental Issues and Us.

GENIUS 2018 facts:

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• 1,657 projects were submitted, 729 projects were accepted (44 percent acceptance rate);

• There is a 17 percent increase in project applications compared to 2017: 1,657 projects vs. 1,409 projects;

• The number of projects submitted from the United States was 386 (23 percent of submitted projects);

• The country where the most number of projects were submitted: Kyrgyzstan, with 167 projects (Indonesia, 83 projects; Macedonia, 64 projects; Kosovo, 63 projects; Korea, 53 projects);

• The high schools that submitted the most projects are Yahya Kemal School, Macedonia (61 projects); Kharisma Bangsa School, Indonesia  (39 projects); Jubilee School, Jordan (36 projects); Horizon International School, Vietnam (31 projects); and Yorktown School, N.Y., U.S.A. (30 projects);

• The number of countries where the projects were submitted: 70;

• The number of U.S. states where the projects were submitted: 34.