“Life is too short.”  No doubt you’ve heard that saying.  It’s what people in their senior years say when they become philosophical and no longer want to wait for “someday.”

My moment came about seventeen years ago.  Ken and I would be celebrating our 25th anniversary in June, 2002.  We both wanted to do something special for the occasion, and I suggested we take a trip to Venice.  Ken said we’d talk about it, and we did.  He talked about not really enjoying our last trip to Europe in the 1980’s and that he was pretty sure he didn’t want to go back.  “Really?” I thought.  “Who wouldn’t want to go to Europe?”  I understood what he was saying.  After all, it was his anniversary too, and I wanted him to enjoy whatever we planned.

Enter our daughter, Kim, who, upon hearing the news, suggested that she and I take the trip ourselves.  My ears perked up and a Cheshire Cat smile spread across my lips.
“Don’t toy with me, Kim.”
“I’m not.  I would love to see Venice!”

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Good Lord, what could be better than this, I thought.  Ken could stay home and play golf non-stop with small breaks to feed, water and walk our dog, and I would get to see Venice and have my daughter all to myself for ten days.  This sounded like a win/win to me.
We celebrated our 25th anniversary with a catered party at our home.  It was a night to remember, and I was happy to be surrounded by family and friends who mean so much to me.

Four months later, Kim and I were off to Venice; and since that amazing trip in 2002, we’ve traveled to nineteen countries together and have made memories that will last a lifetime.  We’ve laughed, we’ve learned and we’ve pushed each other to do more than we ever thought we would or could.

 We’ve also made wonderful friends along the way.  While touring Switzerland one year, we met a beautiful Australian couple, Mala and Graham.  When our tour was over and good-byes were being said, Mala told Kim that some day she would dance at her wedding.  Several years later when Kim was married, Mala and Graham did indeed travel from Australia to see her walk down the isle.  They are friends I will cherish always.

When the discussion of which country we should visit next came up, Kim, of course, wanted to include her husband, Seth, in our plans.  I wondered how this new dynamic would affect our travel experience.  It didn’t.  The three of us have traveled to several countries so far; and what was once “our trip” has become “their trip.”  

I’m grateful that I was able to pass along this love of travel to my daughter, and I can imagine her doing the same for her own family some day.

Ken will be retiring soon and we plan on doing some traveling of our own closer to home.  We live in a big, beautiful country and I know we have so much to see and learn in the coming years.

So forget about saying, “someday” and take the time to do what you want to do.  Someday is now.