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Somers Couple Develops App of Positivity

Ron Cardillo with his wife, Dianna, and son, Sebastian Credits: Photo courtesy of Ron Cardillo
A screenshot of the Within Us app

SOMERS, N.Y.--The internet has been a haven for anonymous hate and negativity almost from the beginning. Nameless, faceless trolls post hateful messages without fear of reprisal or a sense of decency. It’s to the point that one might think the bad outweighs the good. Despite what your Facebook newsfeed or Twitter says, it’s quite the opposite.

Amawalk residents Ron and Dianna Cardillo decided to try to change this paradigm by introducing Within Us, a new app designed to connect people across the world and share messages of support and positivity.

“People need to know that we’re all in this together,” said Ron Cardillo. “People need to know there is good in this world. Using the Within Us app will allow them to be torch bearers. They can help guide humanity into a beautiful existence, where we see each other as one big human family.”

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As a retired Greenburgh police officer and former member of the multi-jurisdictional SWAT team, Ron Cardillo had plenty of experience with human negativity. After a talk with his mentor, physicist and author Thomas Campbell, he found himself with this idea of putting positivity in the world.

“When I say it out loud, it sounds cheesy, but this was born out a genuine love for humanity,” he said of Within Us. According to its website,, the app was designed as a kind of international support group. People suffering from stress, depression or anxiety can utilize the app without fear of being harassed by internet trolls. It’s a kind of safe space where people can share, connect and support each other with their stories. 

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