Somers Cub Scouts Hold Annual Pinewood Derby

AMAWALK, N.Y. – A chant of “Start the race! Start the race!” filled the Amawalk Firehouse earlier this month as dozens of young car designers anxiously awaited the beginning of Cub Scout Pack 1’s annual Pinewood Derby.

Because of the overwhelming number of entries, a registration line formed out the firehouse door. While the pack leaders were impressed by the record number of submissions, eager Cub Scouts pounded the ground until the event began. Once under way, a quiet overcame the firehouse as the children focused in on each and every race.

There were 67 submissions and each car raced six times—one time on each track—and the average speed determined the winners. In addition to the Cub Scouts, there were four parent and 14 sibling entries.

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Den 1 Webelos Winners

• First: Hayden Carbonaro, 208.9 MPH

• Second: Benny Silk, 208.4 MPH

• Third: Logan Lobasso, 207.04 MPH

Den 2 Bear Winners

• First: Michael Cooke, 207.06 MPH

• Second: Christian Lobasso, 205.8 MPH

• Third: Robert Gajda, 201.00 MPH

Den 3 AOL Winners

• First: Lucas Fry, 208.6 MPH

• Second: Aidan Duffy, 149.2 MPH

• Third: Michael Aiello, 77.2 MPH

Den 4 Lions Winners

• First: Andrew Wuench, 203.1 MPH

• Second: Jack Quinn, 201.4 MPH

• Third: Angelo Mastranto, 199.3 MPH

Den 5 Tiger Winner

• First: Joseph Walton, 206.4 MPH

• Second: Jason Graessle, 206.3 MPH

• Third: Vincent Odwyer, 204.3 MPH

Den 8 Wolves Winners

• First: James Casey, 195.5 MPH

• Second: Jake Kessler, 193.2 MPH

• Third: Michael Leser, 187.9 MPH

Overall Winners of the Pack

• First: Benny Silk, 207.8 MPH

• Second: Lucas Fry, 207.7 MPH

• Third: Michael Cooke, 207.3 MPH

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