SOMERS,N.Y.--On the day Rose Piscatore of Baldwin Place was born, Woodrow Wilson was president, the U.S. had just entered World War I and the average price of a new car was $400.

One hundred years later, on Sept. 9, Rose’s clan gathered at The Pinnacle restaurant in Somers to celebrate her birthday and look back on the last century.

“We planned on 120 guests, with all her nieces and nephews,” said her daughter Rosemarie. “But then she got hurt, and then she bounced right back, and so we just did the immediate family.”

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That numbered 52 and included all Rose’s children, her 12 grandchildren, 19 great-grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren. 

Rose has survived two husbands. She was married to the first for 25 years, and the second for 40 years. She has four children from her first marriage: Raymond, 78; Carmen, 76; Rosemarie, 74; and Margaret, 72.

Margaret said that they are a close-knit family, and when the summons went out to celebrate Nana Rose’s centennial, everyone answered the call. Cousin Hillary even flew in from suburban Seattle.

Rosemarie noted, with a mix of pride and amazement, that her mom takes no medication. She does her own cooking, which consists primarily of fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and Italian food. She supplements with vitamins, and a lot of Alka-Seltzer®.

“She likes Alka-Seltzer,” Margaret affirmed.

What’s the secret to Rose Piscatore’s longevity, besides, of course, that Alka-Seltzer? 

“You don’t live according to your age,” Margaret explained. “And if you have to lie about your age, do it.”