CALEDONIA, N.Y. - Giovanni Alfonzetti, a Somers filmmaker and SUNY Geneseo graduate, has begun production of a documentary film surrounding the events of an unsolved murder of a 16-year-­old girl, whose body was found in a Caledonia, N.Y. cornfield in 1979.

The teen girl, once known as “Caledonia Jane Doe,” remained unidentified for 35 years. In January 2015, through coordination efforts nationwide, Jane Doe was finally identified as Tammy Jo Alexander after a missing person report was filed in 2014, more than three decades after the girl’s body was found. The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department in western New York has followed up on thousands of leads since the case began, but Alexanders’ killer is still unknown.

The documentary, yet to be titled, will explore why Alexander’s body remained unidentified for over three decades. The film will include the personal accounts from those involved in the investigation since its inception in 1979.

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Alfonzetti, the film's director, is raising funds through an online crowdsourcing campaign. He is seeking $10,000 to finish the film.

“It’s an extremely important story,” Alfonzetti said, “Tammy was just 16 ­years old when she was found. Since no missing person report was allegedly made until 2014, and evidence was largely washed away by rain, she couldn’t be identified for over 35 years. It’s sad. It strikes a chord with parents and I think it will strike a chord with most people.”

The film will be shot on location at various places of interest across the country. If funding is successful, a rough cut of the documentary film can be expected to be complete by September.  “It’s a long story, which involves many adjoining parties all across the country,” Alfonzetti said, “but Tammy Jo deserves justice, and the film may just help the investigation gain an essential step towards that.”

To help fund the production of this documentary film or to learn more, visit the project’s pitch page at