For a scary few hours, Justin Corpolongo’s family didn’t know whether he would make it out of the hospital after he was stabbed by the captain of the St. John’s University men’s lacrosse team last month.

The Oct. 22 incident involving the 2014 Somers High School graduate garnered international attention from media outlets, a bizarre scenario for Corpolongo and his family to experience while waiting through surgery at the hospital. 

Now, nearly a month later, Corpolongo is recovering at home, unsure about how his injuries will impact his future. 

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“I have a couple of doctor appointments coming up, so I’ll get better clarity then,” Corpolongo said last week. “I can move around, but it’s a lot of rest and relaxation for now.”

Corpolongo, 23, graduated from St. John’s University in 2018. He had played on the lacrosse team for all four years and was still living in a house with lacrosse players while holding down two jobs when he got into a fight with roommate Matthew Stockfeder.

Corpolongo had to be up early and asked for the music to be turned down. He went to confront Stockfeder after receiving harassing text messages, which is when Stockfeder stabbed a kitchen knife into Corpolongo’s stomach, piercing his lower intestine. 

Stockfeder, who’s been removed from the university’s lacrosse team roster, turned himself in to police on assault charges the day after the incident.

During emergency surgery, doctors had to take out his lower intestine to repair it before putting it back in and Corpolongo has suffered post-surgery complications and is in high risk for infection. 

“He’s a positive person, which helps immeasurably. He has a lot of restrictions (now), but you’d never know it speaking to him,” said dad Dominick Corpolongo. “He has an amazing spirit and I thank God for that because he came close to dying. There were 2 millimeters between the stab wound and the descending aorta.

“The night of the incident was the worst moment of my life,” Dominick Corpolongo said.

In the weeks since, a friend has sent up a GoFundMe for Justin at to help with medical bills and expenses while he’s unable to work. 

Justin said he’s “thankful” for all the support he’s received, but doesn’t want the incident to define his future.
“It’s obviously a terrible thing, but not something that I’m just going to let ruin my life,” Justin Corpolongo said.