SOMERS, N.Y. – A Primrose Elementary special needs student is being hailed as a hero after his quick action saved his mother from even more injury.

On Monday, Feb. 20, Jess Mazlin, a single mother, was at home with her 6-year-old son, Brier, when she tripped and fell down the stairs of her back porch, landing on the concrete below. Immediately, Mazlin knew she had broken her ankle.

“I was hyperventilating and in shock and I was bleeding everywhere,” she said. “I knew something was very wrong.”

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Shortly before the accident, Mazlin had been fixing Brier’s bicycle, readying it for the spring and summer. Nightfall had put a stop to the work, and she and Brier were heading back inside their Shenorock home for the night. Plumber wrench in hand, she was walking up the stairs immediately behind Brier when she lost her footing.

What her son did next stunned her. “Brier didn’t even come down to me,” she said. “He ran inside and he used the landline to call 9-1-1.”

This was especially stunning for Mazlin, who said she once told Brier to use a landline if he should ever need to call 9-1-1, because their address would appear.

Mazlin’s father was visiting from Long Island that day, but had walked to the nearby deli and was not home when the accident happened. After dialing 9-1-1, Brier’s next course of action was to go find his grandfather.

“He ran and got his grandfather from down the road,” Mazlin said. “Normally he doesn’t leave my side ever. It was amazing. He wasn’t upset. You could tell he wasn’t panicking. He was calm and did what he was supposed to do.”

Once Mazlin’s father returned and was by her side, Brier then went to the driveway in front of the house and waited for the ambulance. When first responders arrived, Brier recapped the accident with precision.

“It was after 5 p.m. and I was bloody and lying on cold concrete so my blood pressure had become very low,” Mazlin said. “The paramedics said that without Brier, they’re quite sure I’d be in a lot more trouble than a broken leg.”

Mazlin, a former principal of Katonah Elementary School and John Jay High School, said she never would have predicted her son’s response, expecting him to panic and not leave her side. She said Brier’s special needs are all emotional and he is in the district’s Self-Contained Instructional Program (SCIP). She said he often has trouble following directions.

“Special needs kids have to try so much harder to perform tasks that typical kids find fairly easy,” Mazlin said.

A week after the accident, Primrose honored Brier for his heroism following morning announcements. He received an award, present and sticker to the cheers of Primrose students and staff. 

“We’re extremely proud of Brier for realizing the help his mom needed and immediately calling 9-1-1,” said Superintendent Dr. Raymond Blanch. “It’s not always easy for a 6-year-old to understand the need for help and urgency, but everything that Brier has learned both at home and in school up to this point in his young life gave him the tools to bring help to his mom quickly. I know he’s a hero to his family, but he’s also a hero to us all in the Somers school district, and we couldn’t be more proud of this young man.”

Primrose Principal Katie Winter said, “The staff and students at Primrose School are so proud of Brier Godin and his heroic effort. Brier is a first grader with a big heart and an infectious smile. While we are so impressed with how Brier handled himself in a such a stressful situation, we are not surprised that he would go to such lengths to help someone in need!”