SOMERS, N.Y.-One of the most vital and difficult tasks for modern scientists is trying to find the seemingly impossible cure for cancer. For a second year, that effort has been taken to heart by a group of young people who have decided to not only support local and national efforts on behalf of those afflicted by the disease, but to explore the science behind novel treatments.

Somers High School senior Alyssa Klee founded the Cancer Research Club during the summer before her junior year after emailing the president of a cancer research organization in California, Burlingame Cancer Research. Then Alyssa, along with Kayla Natalo and Lauren Chiriboga, who has since graduated, formed the nucleus of a group that continues to attract members, particularly freshmen and sophomores, to its meetings in the school’s science research room every other Tuesday.

“We’ve accomplished a lot from small beginnings,” Alyssa said. “There has definitely been a huge shift from last year to this year because of all the younger students who have taken an interest in this club.”

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