SOMERS, N.Y. - Convicted murderer Terry Losicco, who beat an elderly Somers woman to death in 1980, has been released again on parole, according to the State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS).

Losicco, 53, was arrested in Rockland County on May 20 for violating a condition of his parole, just two months after being released from Fishkill Correctional Facility. According to DOCCS, Losicco was released again on Oct. 26, this time from the Willard Drug Treatment Campus in Seneca County. The center is a specialized state prison in the town of Romulus. The prison focuses on treatment of drug-addicted convicts.

The voluntary treatment facility provides a sentencing option for inmates convicted of a drug offense and parole violators who otherwise would have been returned to a state prison in most cases for a year or more, according to the Correctional Association of New York. Losicco was at the facility for 120 days, according to DOCCS. It was not clear to where Losicco was released.

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Losicco will be under supervision for the remainder of his life and must comply with several requirements. He must seek, obtain and maintain employment; submit to substance abuse testing; not consume alcoholic beverages; not, without permission, frequent any establishment where alcohol is sold or served as its main business; abide by a curfew; and participate in anti-aggression/anti-violence counseling.

A former Lincoln Hall student, Losicco murdered Eleanor Prouty on May 25, 1980. He also severely beat her husband, Norman, who was wheelchair-bound due to multiple sclerosis. Losicco, who claims he was high on PCP (aka “angel dust”) at the time of the murder, told the parole board that he entered the home with a fellow Lincoln Hall student with the intent of committing a burglary and “panicked” upon learning the couple was home. Losicco and his friend left with $25.

He was convicted of second-degree murder, first-degree robbery and first-degree burglary and served 36 years in prison. He was first eligible for parole in July 2005 but was denied several times before his release in March.

The Prouty family strongly disagreed with the Parole Board’s decision and has been adamant about Losicco remaining in prison for life.

“It’s disappointing that New York has released Losicco again so soon after arresting him for violating the conditions of his parole,” said Brooks Prouty, Eleanor’s grandson.

Brooks Prouty accused New York State of trying to reduce the prison population to cut costs.

“I think I can speak for many New Yorkers when I say that so long as we have prisons, I would feel safer knowing convicts like Losicco remain behind bars,” he said, adding that if Losicco were to kill again, “Gov. Cuomo only has himself to blame.”

Prouty also accused the state of misleading his family about Losicco’s most recent parole interview. The family was notified about the interview six days after Losicco met with the Parole Board, which Prouty said denied them the chance to be heard.

“Overall, the parole process has been punitive,” Prouty said. “It hurts the good people. I count myself fortunate because I had the energy to engage in it indefinitely but most members of my family did not. It wore them down and ripped off the scab every two years a new hearing came around.”

Thomas Mailey, a spokesman for DOCCS, previously told The Somers Record that no law was broken. A “victim impact statement” was submitted after the interview and was considered by the Parole Board before the decision was made to release Losicco, he said.

“The Board of Parole considered all factors required under the law prior to issuing its determination in this matter, including victim impact statements submitted by members of the victim’s family,” Mailey said in March.

Losicco is scheduled to meet again with the Parole Board in March.