SOMERS, N.Y. – The Friends of Somers Library, along with library staff and county and town officials, celebrated the rejuvenated face of the Somers Library on Saturday, June 3, upon the completion of the garden’s renovation.

Additions to the walkway and triangle garden include black-eyed Susans, Colorado spruce bushes and catmint.

“These plants welcome you to enter a warm, friendly space dedicated to instruction, education and culture, in keeping with the mission of the friends to support the library in these efforts,” said Susan Berkow, president of the Friends of Somers Library. “We therefore dedicate this beautiful landscape to all the patrons and staff at the Somers Library, to our volunteers and many donors, and to our town.”

There were garden-themed books for sale and a celebratory cake was shared. Berkow said the landscape design was donated by Ultimate Service Professional Grounds Management and the plants were purchased from the Katonah Nursery.