It is a dirty job, but someone has to do it! Yes, we are talking about all the trash on the sides of the roads in Somers. Litter clean-up is a never-ending job, but thanks to the dedicated residents of Somers, the task gets easier and easier each year.

The Somers Litter Task Force would like to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to all Somers residents who helped pick up litter this fall. We had a successful fall townwide clean up and it is all because of you, the residents of Somers who never fail to give 100 percent to the task at hand. We would like to thank all the businesses who participated by cleaning up their business frontage, as well as Supervisor Rick Morrissey and his staff, the Somers Town Board, The Somers Record, the Somers Library, the Somers Women’s Club, the area homeowners associations, the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, and all the dedicated residents who quietly clean without public recognition.

The Somers Litter Task Force would also like to send a sincere thank you to our 2016 financial supporters (as of this print), City Carting, Lawton Adams Construction Corp., Aries Automotive, Victoria Becerra, CPA and area residents who give generously to further our ability to “Keep Somers Clean.” It truly is amazing to see how much our town means to all of us, and by keeping our roadways litter-free, commuters from other towns and states can see that Somers’ residents take pride in their community.

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In spite of everyone’s gallant efforts this fall, there were roads that we just could not get to and sadly, that litter is now hidden under all the leaves. It may look as though the sides of the roads are clean, but trust us when we say they are not. Therefore, the job of the Somers Litter Task Force never ends. As many of you know, our Litter Task Force helps clean the roads in Somers year-round (weather permitting). Since there are only seven core members of the Somers Litter Task Force, we are constantly searching for more residents who despise litter as much as we do.

We know that there are dedicated “regular” litter cleaners in our town and we would like to incorporate their like-mindedness with ours. Therefore, if you are one of the many regular road litter cleaners, or you just cannot stand to see our streets filled with litter, we invite you to join the Somers Litter Task Force. Please email us at or call 914-486-0355 for more information. There are no membership fees involved.

The Somers Litter Task Force would like to again sincerely thank the residents and businesses of Somers for all their help this fall and we look forward to another successful Somers town wide clean-up in April 2017! For more information about the Somers Litter Task Force, you can also write to us at PO Box 92, Lincolndale, N.Y., 10540, and “like” us on Facebook.