SOMERS, N.Y.-It’s Wednesday and patrons at The Pub in Yorktown Heights are forming teams and preparing for battle at the weekly Trivia Night. For the next 90 minutes, they will do their best to answer questions on history, music, sports, pop culture and more in response to the game’s host and Somers resident Kelly Barr.

To hear Barr tell it, some are born to be quizmasters, while others have quizmastering thrust upon them.

“For years, I was a player of trivia. Then I became a manager of the restaurant Somers 202, in Somers,” Barr said. “The restaurant had trivia every Thursday night, until the trivia guy retired. So they brought in somebody else. It didn’t go over as well, and the owners asked me if I would mind doing the trivia. And it turned out that I love doing it!”

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He has the knack, for sure. Barr paces up and down puckishly, microphone in hand, joke on lips, weaving in and out of the crowd, greeting newcomers and pressing the flesh of the many regulars.

“The former owner of Somers 202 is good friends with the owner of this establishment and the Somers Pub in Somers and the Mahopac Inn,” Barr said. “He didn’t have a program going here as he did in the other places, so we gave it a shot.”

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