SOMERS, N.Y. - Students from Dragon and Crane, a martial arts school and cultural center in Somers, brought back 12 medals from the 2016 U.S. International Kuo Shu (Kung Fu) Federation Championship Tournament, held July 29-31 in Baltimore.

Master John Scattaretico accompanied eight of his students to this international event, which attracts top martial artists from around the globe: An average of over 700 participants (ages 7 to 70) from more than 10 participating countries compete in over 250 categories.

The United States Kuo Shu Federation is a non-profit organization, which promotes friendship, unity, physical fitness, harmony, martial arts ethics, and peace in the United States through the principles of Kuo Shu. Its mission is to elevate the public opinion of Chinese martial arts to one of a first-class sport through the organization by consistently hosting first-class events. For more information, visit

Dragon and Crane offers programs in the martial arts for all ages, as well as meditation, yoga, and tai chi. For more information, visit