SOMERS, N.Y.-“Any town that doesn’t have sidewalks,” the cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead once famously observed, “doesn’t love its children.”

Somers begs to differ. To be sure, it has worn its lack of sidewalks as a badge of honor from colonial days to the present. Still, it loves its kids, so much so that the town’s first major sidewalk installation will land right at the doorstep of Somers Middle School. On that point, most everyone seems to agree.

But as a freewheeling discussion of sidewalk alternatives demonstrated last month, knotty issues must be resolved before the town can make its belated leap into the 21st century.

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The pedestrian pathway will travel east from the school complex. That point, too, seems generally accepted. But to reach Route 100, will it travel the south side (the school side) of Route 202 or the north side? Or, a combination of both sides?

Whose property will the sidewalk occupy? And who will acquire that land?

How will work on the sidewalk impact the DeCicco’s grocery store construction? Could right-of-way battles delay the boutique market’s planned opening next November?

Who will clear the sidewalk of snow? And where will the snow go after it’s picked up?

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