I wanted to take an opportunity to provide accurate information about the gas pipeline expansion project currently underway in Northern Westchester, which was recently the subject of a public forum in Somers.

This project, and the various issues associated with it, have been the intense focus of the Somers Town Board for the past several years. The portion of the project that affects Somers is called the Atlantic Bridge Project, and it will expand the 26-inch existing pipeline to 42 inches from its current location in Yorktown, approximately 0.5 miles into Somers, terminating just West of Mahopac Avenue, in 2018. A launch and retrieve station (pigging station), which is an access point where they clean the pipeline, is planned to be constructed at this location, but will be relocated out of Somers when (and if) the second portion of the expansion project known as Access Northeast resumes.

The original plan for the Atlantic Bridge Project called for the pipeline expansion to continue east through the Somers Preserve into a residential area at Stephanie Lane, near Lovell Street/Lake Lincolndale and Heritage Hills, where a pigging station was to be erected. It was only through fierce negotiation that the town of Somers was able to convince Spectra officials, the company managing the pipeline project, to relocate the station and scale back the expansion to west of Mahopac Avenue, thus avoiding the disturbance of many families in the pipeline’s path.

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