Dear Somers residents,

As I wrote last month, the town of Somers joined with Sustainable Westchester and 19 other Westchester municipalities to purchase electricity at below market rates for Somers residents and businesses through the Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program. By aggregating consumers on a large scale, the CCA program created the market clout necessary to negotiate more competitive rates with Energy Service Companies (ESCos), which will ultimately lead to lower energy costs for 110,000 households across Westchester County.

The Town Board and I are happy to announce that the winning bid was selected last week. Constellation Energy has agreed to provide energy at .0695 cents per kilowatt hour, as compared to the current average NYSEG rate of .0776 cents per kilowatt hour. The contract will run through the next three years. You will soon receive a letter from Sustainable Westchester containing details of the agreement and advising that there is nothing for you to do to enroll in the program. You will still receive one bill from NYSEG reflecting the new energy provider at a lower rate. Please note that you do retain the right to opt-out of the program and sign up with another Electric Service Company (ESCo), or continue to receive electricity through NYSEG.

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Just to be clear, your energy bill is broken up into two charges: 1) The delivery of energy to your home (i.e. infrastructure, maintenance, administrative costs), and 2) The purchasing of electricity, also known as the supply charge. The supply charge typically accounts for approximately 50 percent of your total energy bill with the delivery charge making up the balance. If you choose to move forward with the CCA option, NYSEG will continue to deliver energy to your home, which includes the maintenance of power lines and responding to service outages as they are legally obligated to do. So, while the delivery charge through NYSEG will remain the same, Constellation Energy will now be supplying the energy to your household for 10 percent less than your current rate.

Residents of Somers, and Westchester County in general, pay some of the highest energy rates in the United States. To that end, the Town Board and I continue to be committed to evaluating any and all initiatives that save residents of Somers money. We understand that the cost of living in this area is increasingly expensive, and every dollar of savings is significant. If you have any questions about the CCA program please feel free to call Sustainable Westchester at  914-980.9437 or visit their website:

You can also email me at or call me at 914-277-3637 with any questions.