SOMERS, N.Y. - Somers High School held a candlelight vigil Wednesday night to honor the memory of the 49 people killed Sunday in Orlando.

The ceremony was organized by the high school's Gay Straight Alliance, which made shirts featuring the phrase: "No time to hate."

"I know that I join many when I just ask myself over and over again: When will this stop?" said Principal Mark Bayer. "I have to trust and believe in my heart of hearts that love will conquer, that love is louder than hate, that love is louder than homophobia, racism, sexism and all other -isms."

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Bayer said Pulse, the gay nightclub where the mass murder occurred, was much more than a bar. For many, it was the only place people could go and be themselves.

"Many people think of it as just a dance club, where many people went to listen to music, drink alcohol, hang out with friends and dance," he said. "But this particular incident strikes at the core of people's sense of safety, their sense of wellbeing, and for many of them, the one place right now in their lives where they could feel safe."

During the ceremony, students sang songs and read the names of all 49 victims.