SOMERS, N.Y. – High school engineering students in Edward Amato’s class completed the year by presenting inventions that they created in class.

Despite limited time and resources, the students worked together, sharing ideas and resources, and built innovative projects ranging from gumball machines to particle accelerators.

“I tried giving them projects they were interested in, not just the ones I wanted them to do,” said Amato, a fourth-year teacher at the school.

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Amato said this was his first year asking his students to take on projects of this magnitude. Instead of filling out worksheets, Amato put them to work on something they were passionate about.

“I’m trying to create an environment where we can tinker and create,” Amato said. “I wanted to encourage them to pursue challenges that aligned with their passions.”

The impressive creations were presented throughout the day on Friday, June 9.

Students involved with the expo were: Jason Acevedo, Benjamin Adler, Leutrim Bajramaj, Charles Balancia III, Deanna Barankewicz, Derwin Beltran, Peter Bentivegna, Christiana Walker, Joseph D. Alessandro, Javier A. Betran, Maxwell Bolotin, Joseph Calandrucci, Alexander Cameron, Ryan Cameron, Greta Candreva, Ralph Carfagno, Maximus Caron, Griffin Carpiniello, Dominic Cheek, Sean Considine, Vincent Costanzo, Ethan Cukaj, Evan D’Iorio, Jake Daly, Eric Dammeyer, Nicholas Davison, Maximus Del Duco, Christian DeSanto, Sofia Doukakis, Matthew Eckert, David Eckert, Michael Fedele, Nolan Fierro, Anthony Fiore, Daniel Fozard, Nicholas Friscia, Diego Giron, Sun Graham, Max Grell, Joseph Griffith, Charles Grindrod, Erik Hagenah, Eric Halper, Diego Gonzalez Hauger, Cynthia Hsu, Michael Huber, Bruno Imhof, Joseph Iorizzo, Evan Kader, Thomas Kilada, Andrew Lasher, Rocco Latella, Brian Lieberman, Amanda Logel, Trey Lucciola, Mitchell Machado, Liam McDonald, Cristan Mejia, Nicholas Merritt, Vincent Miranda, Noah Petrucelli, Luke Phalen, Pooja Rao, Lily Rezai, Sebastian Riccobono, Louis Roberti, Edmund Romani, Joshua Rosaspina, Ryan Savino, Daniel Schwartz, Laurence Shaw, Jack Sibilia, Tanner Siciliano, Douglas Shirakura, William Siebert, Trevor Sitar, Carter Sitar, Matthew Soden, Ethan Solano, Zachary Soto, Bryan Soto, Colleen Spencer, Erik Swee, Jack Syken, Frank Syso, Nicholas Testerman, George Varcasia, Alec Varma, Ryan Vogel, Emily Wray and Robert Zaiser.