SOMERS, N.Y. - For the seventh consecutive year, Italian Club students ventured to Arthur Avenue in the Belmont District of the Bronx.

The 41 students were accompanied by their chaperones, Mr. Adler, Mrs. Maccariello, Signora Lisa Siano and Italian Club adviser Signora Joan Scerbo Jenny on Wednesday, April 27.

The tastes, smells and customs of Italy were reawakened as the students learned the arts of baking bread at Addeo Bakery, making fresh pasta at Borgatti’s Ravioli and Egg Noodles, and molding mozzarella at the original Arthur Avenue Deli from demonstrations by the owners of these family-run small businesses. Shopkeepers told the story of their craft and Italian culinary traditions that have been cultivated and maintained for generations in this Italian oasis in the Bronx. A traditional trip to the Enrico Fermi Cultural Center followed, and students viewed a historical film about immigration to the Belmont District, the cultural treasure of the Bronx.

Participating students were: Vincent Acocella, Jacob Adler, Joe Alfonzetti, Allison Arcidiacono, Sophie Barbagallo, Carlie Cegielski, Melissa Corcione, Alexandra Curnyn, Rocco D’Ascanio, Gabriella Delaney, André Denaro, John Diana, Dana DiMaio, Alexis DiMauro, Juliana DiNardo, Luca Djonovic, Marissa Fatigate, Elena Ferrante, Kristen Giacobbe, Lauren Giacobbe, Sarah Gutter, Michael Hirsch, Courtney Jorde, Isabella LaRocca, Joe Lipski, Danielle Maccariello, Sara Malek, Jared Mazzola, John McDermott, Mike Matute, Julia Mohl, Jeff Monaco, Justin Monaco, Tess Mowrey, Chris Ruggiero, Jonathan Rukaj, Jenna Scambia, Dakota Sorenson, Lacey Talesco, Luke Totoro and Grant Tragni.