This letter is in response to Betsy Bishop’s letter.

Betsy, after reading your gracious letter to the people of Somers in The Somers Record, I realized how much so many of us owe you for your many years of fine work as children’s librarian. In every encounter with me over the years, you have been kind, patient, competent and helpful. In the midst of childhood hubbub, you remained serene and smiling. How lucky we were to have you!

As former director Pat Miller said to me, “Our children’s librarians make us the envy of all of Westchester.” And you have played such a large part of that accolade. Our present director Andrew Farber said of you, “Betsy has been one of the best children’s librarians I have had the pleasure of working with. Her hard work and dedication to the field can be seen in the lives she has touched. She will be greatly missed.”

All of us, including the staff, are saddened at your departure. At the same time we wish you all good things in your new home and your new life. Know that we are truly grateful for all that you have done for the library patrons of Somers, especially the children, who are your biggest fans.