The following is from George Rolita, president of the Heritage Hills Garden Club:
There are two ways you can “garden“ at Heritage Hills: Plant flowers or shrubs next to your condo, or join the Garden Club and plant vegetables or flowers in a 10-foot by 10-foot garden square assigned to you. There’s a one-time enrollment fee of $30 to cover maintenance of the gardening area and an annual fee of $25 to cover operating expenses like refreshments at lectures and social gatherings. If you don’t want to be assigned a garden square, but wish to take part in the Garden Club activities, you can join as an associate member for $5.
Members of the club, with the knowledge and expertise of Heritage Hills gardeners, won three Best in Show ribbon awards at the 2018 Yorktown Grange Fair for:
Best in Show for a vegetable, flower, and herb arrangement
Best in Show for a zucchetta tromboncino summer squash
Best in Show for a flower arrangement

Club history
On March 11, 1976, the Heritage Hills Garden Club was organized and was one of the first clubs formed by the Heritage Hills residents. Two acres of prime land located west of Heritage Hills Drive was cleared and 77 individual 100-square-foot parcels were prepared by the Heritage Hills Development Group as a temporary site. 
At that time, 80 percent of the squares were used for vegetables and 20 percent for flowers only. In 2004-2005 gardens were on hold until the Carlin Construction Company had completed their work near the gardens. During this construction, 132 new garden squares were built, filled with top soil and paths with crushed stone and a center pergola with seats were constructed.  The new 132 gardens were enclosed with a new chain link fence, gates and water hose stations and in 2006 everyone was back to gardening once again. In 2010 members organized a Food Pantry Garden to provide vegetable, herbs and flowers to the Community Center of Northern Westchester in Katonah. This effort continues today and has expanded from a one-square effort to asking all gardeners to consider contributing their excess produce in support of this worthy community service.